Where will Batista end up should he return to the ring this year? Mo & Gregg look at his options within WWE & All Elite Wrestling, prove why "best available" is not a smart ticket-purchasing strategy, look back on the master of the POOOUNCE, wonder about imposter social media accounts, and.. wait a minute, is that fan playing with himself?!?

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Program runs 58 minutes

The upcoming wrestling movie, Fighting With My Family - produced by the Rock - will bomb at the box office? Mo & Gregg fight over the movie's expectations, talk the talk of the Hart Foundation making the WWE Hall of Fame, speculate on the futures of current disgruntled superstars, much more.

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Program runs 51 minutes

The ECW Heavyweight Championship didn't count as a World title? Gregg the Sound Guy makes some bold claims this program, and Mo does his best to fight this, the "accidental" leak of the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame headliner, the inspiration behind DDP Yoga, and much more.

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Program runs 59 minutes.

Kenny Omega has choices. Your hosts debate the pros & cons of the industry's biggest free agent heading to WWE, or heading to All Elite Wrestling (or somewhere else!) We also look at the controversial spot from Priscilla Kelly, share some fun facts from the 2010 Royal Rumble, and more.

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Nowhere else will you find 2022 Royal Rumble predictions! Mo & Gregg look ahead a few years after looking ahead to 2019's biggest match-up. Happy New Year!

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Program runs 47 minutes.

Details on our upcoming Top 50 Wrestlers of 2018 (& how YOU can get involved), a WWE Studios intervention, an Enzo intervention, and the future of AJ Styles. Beaumont Strange and Gregg the Sound Guy cover these topics, 2008's Royal Rumble, so much more!

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Program runs 1 hour, 3 minutes