We wouldn't have so much Goldberg in 2019 if his 1999 wasn't so successful. Mo & Gregg look back on which exact match Goldberg become a star, reflect on WWE's push of Billy Gunn in the Attitude Era, and they provide romantic advice as only they can.

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Program runs 47 minutes

Mo & Gregg preview next week's Raw Reunion show and try to figure out how the eff WWE will get all of the promoted legends onto TV, list off some fun facts from an infamous King of the Ring, look at Eric Bichoff's reasons for taking over Smackdown, and they try to remember all of the WCW Nitro Girls without cheating.

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Program runs 52 minutes

One host understands the anger towards AEW's recent unprotected chair shot... while the other host defends it? Mo & Gregg talk chair shots, debate the best road signs to steal for hardcore matches, plead for patience with Heyman & Bischoff's WWE programs, question El Patron's future, much more.

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Program runs 42 minutes

Some movies just shouldn't be made. Mo & Gregg debate the entertainment of the upcoming Bret Hart / Corey Feldman flick, share details on WWE's Do Not Hire list, praise AEW's latest announcements, and book a WWE Seniors' Division?

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Program runs 52 minutes

"Marc (Mero) my words!" Mo Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy look back on the unknown facts behind Stone Cold's King of the Ring victory back in 1996, envision how WCW Big Bang could have ended, provide reasons why boo'ing kids is OK, wonder about Batista's recent comments, so much more.

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Program runs 1 hour, 2 minutes

Recently, Heath Slater revealed the original superstars pitched for 3MB - The 3 Man Band. Mo & Gregg imagine a world with this different line-up, look back on WWE's lowest performing pay-per-view of the 90's, warn Sasha NOT to time-travel, skip the WWE Hall of Fame, and much more!

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Program runs 1 hour