Have you watched the NBC show based on Dwayne Johnson? Mo gives his take on the first few episodes of 'Young Rock' while Gregg looks back on seven WCW stars that never made it onto WWE TV.

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Gregg the Sound Guy makes his live stream debut! He joins Mo & Ballz to talk AEW All Out, the look of an adult film director, the future of WWE live events, Brock Lesnar being a free agent, so much more!

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We need Gregg the Sound Guy to get the bottom of this Eric Young mystery! Mo instigates this after talking the Rock's investment in the XFL, Steiner's restaurant closing, Edge's new movie, much more.

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With extra downtime, what do all wrestling fans watch? WCW Thunder, of course! No? Well, that's exactly what Gregg the Sound Guy did; he binged the entire run of episodes! Like you, Mo has so many questions...

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Is WWE really "essential" during these times? What part of Ronda's recent interview was most disappointing? Mo Lightning & Gregg the Sound Guy debate these questions, talk wrestlers on The Simpsons, WWE 2k21 possibly being cancelled, much more.

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Night One or Night Two? Did the empty arena help or hurt the matches? Mo Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy take a look at WrestleMania 36, wrestling roles in movies and Adam Sandler?

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