Is WWE really "essential" during these times? What part of Ronda's recent interview was most disappointing? Mo Lightning & Gregg the Sound Guy debate these questions, talk wrestlers on The Simpsons, WWE 2k21 possibly being cancelled, much more.

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Night One or Night Two? Did the empty arena help or hurt the matches? Mo Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy take a look at WrestleMania 36, wrestling roles in movies and Adam Sandler?

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If Joey Janela is correct, TNT's favorite AEW star is Orange Cassidy. Mo & Gregg look into the reasons why, discuss Goldberg beating the Fiend so easily, look at the back-n-forth between Tony Kahn and Eric Bischoff, so much more.

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John Cena just joined the Fast & Furious franchise? Mo The Bad News Guy thought he was there the entire time! He & Gregg Van Wilder talk the popular franchise, Royal Rumble risks paying off, the fight for WrestleMania's main event and more!

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Less news, more secrets! Mo "The Voice" Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy look at some recently revealed secrets in wrestling, including JYD being a candy fiend, CM Punk releasing the original WrestleMania 30 plans, the reason for the blow-up between Eric Bischoff.. and Hootie & the Blowfish?

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Inspired by a recent episode of Table For 3, Mo & Gregg look back on the good & bad of TNA Wrestling's former 6-sided ring, debate AEW's us of WCW branding, and explore the opportunities going into 2020 for pro wrestling writers & creative. 

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