It's the TOP 50 WRESTLERS OF 2018! Your hosts, Mo Lightning & Ballz, crack the middle part of the countdown, sharing the years behind the talent placing #25 thru #11. (Download the WrestlingAudio App for additional Top 50 content.)

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It's the TOP 50 WRESTLERS OF 2018! Your hosts, Mo Lightning & Ballz, cover how the list was created before counting down the entire first half of the list, 50-26. Follow @wrestlingaudio for even more Top 50 facts.

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Fans were enjoying such a pro wrestling "high" following Saturday's NXT Takeover: War Games.. but had crashed by the time WWE Smackdown ended. What happened? Mo & Ballz review these shows, Survivor Series, Raw, and announce 2018's "Impossible Contest".

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Becky Lynch may have had her "Stone Cold Moment" on Raw. Daniel Bryan shocked fans on Smackdown. What is WWE thinking? Mo & Ballz toss some reasons back-n-forth before previewing, and predicting, this weekend's NXT Takeover: War Games 2, and WWE Survivor Series. 

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So many injuries. WWE is scrambling to build not just this month's Survivor Series, but the entire road to WrestleMania. Did Raw & Smackdown set the storylines the right direction? Mo & Ballz review these shows, speculate on the future of Lucha Underground, and OH MY GOD WHAT IS ON HIS FACE?!?

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WWE goes all-female with Evolution then all-male with Crown Jewel. Hulk Hogan returns. The Elite leave the Bullet Club. The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, returns. Your hosts Mo Lightning & Ballz do their best to sort through everything you need to know this week.

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