Gronk is our newest WWE Superstar... and Mo & Ballz have differing opinions of this hire. The two debate his addition to the roster, look back on the booking of the Elimination Chamber, speculate on a dark horse pick for future AEW World Champion, much more!

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Program runs 59 minutes

MJF is our hero! Mo & Ballz talk the wrestler's viral moment from C2E2, predict this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber ppv, share advise how NOT to argue against the Bella Twins making the Hall of Fame, the number of WWE castoffs moving to AEW, much more.

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Program runs 50 minutes

The Bella Twins in the WWE Hall of Fame? A lot of fans are against it, but Mo & Ballz explain why it might not be as bad as you think! Your hosts also cover the week in wrestling, indecisive fans, AEW action figures, more!

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Last weekend at the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar dominated the first half of the event in a booking that has divided fans. Mo & Ballz were no different, as the two debate how the Beast was used before looking into the week in wrestling that followed.

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It's our favorite time of the year! The Road to WrestleMania begins this weekend, and Mo & Ballz look at all the crazy - and realistic - possibilities going into and coming out of the WWE Royal Rumble.

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Program runs 1 hour, 34 minutes

Mo was absolutely enthralled with a certain piece of Rey Mysterio's attire on Raw this week. This leads 6 pro wresting items on his mind, while Ballz follows with his High/Low recap of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW Dynamite and more.

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