Starting with this week's program, the Low Blow now records live on Facebook! In this live stream debut, Mo & Ballz predict this weekend's WWE Backlash event, speculate on Heyman's removal from creative, talk AJ Styles' silence on social, much more!

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Some fans aren't thrilled about AEW bringing in Mike Tyson. Looking at this show's graphic, you might be able to tell how our hosts feel. Mo & Ballz discuss this, review the week in wrestling, Matt Riddle's future on the main roster, and WWE's faction problem.

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Mo & Ballz coin a new term: MATCH OF THE FOREVER! Your hosts explain this new term, remember the late Shad Gaspard, review the early episodes of The Undertaker: The Last Ride, and make predictions for this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing event.

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The best matches are the ones where our hosts can't agree who will win! Mo & Ballz have different picks for both the Mens & Womens Money In The Bank matches. Hear their reasoning inside.

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Wait, where was the payoff? Mo & Ballz talk the awkward Lashley tire segments from Raw, falling ratings, no WWE 2K21 game to be frustrated towards, and some further names the former Revival members can call themselves.

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Between the loss of employment for so many WWE Superstars, as well as the passing of WWE Hall of Fame announcer Howard Finkel, it's been a tough, sad week for pro wrestling. Mo Lightning & Ballz do their best to look at the bright side by envisioning the futures for the stars recently released.

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