The best matches are the ones where our hosts can't agree who will win! Mo & Ballz have different picks for both the Mens & Womens Money In The Bank matches. Hear their reasoning inside.

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Wait, where was the payoff? Mo & Ballz talk the awkward Lashley tire segments from Raw, falling ratings, no WWE 2K21 game to be frustrated towards, and some further names the former Revival members can call themselves.

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Between the loss of employment for so many WWE Superstars, as well as the passing of WWE Hall of Fame announcer Howard Finkel, it's been a tough, sad week for pro wrestling. Mo Lightning & Ballz do their best to look at the bright side by envisioning the futures for the stars recently released.

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Could this end up as the most outrageous WrestleMania ever? Mo & Ballz look ahead to this weekend's 2 day event, predict the outcomes, worry about over-editing and confirm some recent rumors.

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Original series 'Dark Side of the Ring' is back with a two-part episode looking at the still mind-boggling Chris Benoit murder-suicide. Mo Lightning gives his review after Ballz takes a look at the winners and losers of this week in pro wrestling.

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The new norm? Mo & Ballz talk a week full of empty arenas and how this pandemic will change the industry moving forward. Your hosts also look at the split WrestleMania card, talk Brodie Lee & Matt Hardy in AEW, more.

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