Survivor Series predictions, speculation on the Undertaker's role this weekend, issues with the ending of NXT, buying wrestling tees - Mo & Ballz, when he shows up, cover a lot!

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Program runs 1 hour, 10 minutes

The Underground returns! No, not Raw Underground, the Low Blow Underground, where anything truly goes! No structure whatsoever.. except the AEW Full Gear predictions. Those were structured.

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Program runs 1 hour, 2 minutes

Reviews of WWE Hell in a Cell and NXT Halloween Havoc, All Elite Wrestling Dynamite thoughts, and whatever rasslin' topics YOU bring up during this live, interactive podcast. Hosted by Mo Lightning and Ballz.

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Unlike Jericho & MJF, your Low Blow hosts will not busting out a musical number on this show... or will they? Mo & Ballz are back after a few weeks to talk the day's wrestling headlines, predict WWE Hell in a Cell, share bad jokes.

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Mo & Ballz predict what could be the best NXT Takeover event of 2020, speculate on the mystery star returning to WWE's third brand, reimagine Retribution's members, so much more!

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Program runs 52 minutes

They hate to say it, but AEW's All Out event was the worst of the All Elite Wrestling era. Mo & Ballz explain why, look at recent backstage WWE changes, talk lost opportunities with Retribution, much more.

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Program runs 1 hour