AEW's Kenny Omega takes on Impact's Rich Swann in a huge title-for-title match this weekend. Mo & Ballz predict the Rebellion ppv, guess the plastic groins, and seriously, why was WrestleMania so forgettable?

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Your hosts sit & under-perform while talking Stand & Deliver. Mo and Ballz make their picks for next week's 2-day NXT event after looking back on a boisterous episode of AEW Dynamite.

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Some fans get it, but many others are pretty upset about The Great Khali making the WWE Hall of Fame. Mo & Ballz do their best to explain how he got in, discuss fan theories surrounding the Fiend, and look at one big missed opportunity with Sheamus.

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Mo & Ballz love this new partnership between WWE & Nickelodeon, and... what's that? The two DON'T have a deal? Well that's just a lost opportunity.

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When we're not getting the video version of this podcast blocked on other sites, Mo & Ballz are taking music challenges, worrying for Shane McMahon, reviewing AEW Revolution, and enjoying our fans trash-talking themselves.

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Why is Ballz making that face? Ah nevermind! When he's not too busy clowning, Ballz joins Mo to remember some forgotten faces in pro wrestling, talk the Big Show's jump to AEW, the Miz getting Jeopardy wrong, much more!

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