Dvon & Mo talk the pressures of producing Raw's tag team title match, the contest Dvon does NOT want to be in charge of at WrestleMania, the biggest difference between WWE & AEW, fans fat-shaming superstars, Murphy's future, so much more.

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Program runs 57 minutes

Your three hosts - Dvon, Mo & Lindsey - have 3 very different backgrounds, but the one thing they have in common? Comic con! They exchange memorable stories from the road, including a lost opportunity with Michael Jackson and 10 minutes off-the-record with Stan Lee!

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Program runs 56 minutes

One of the greatest to ever grace the ring, KURT ANGLE calls into Table Talk to clarify his recent statement about his quality of life, how he believes the Jason Jordan storyline would have played out, and his unplanned WWE Hall of Fame speech. Dvon and Mo host. Oh, and Lindsey remembers this one at band camp...

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Dvon and Mo welcome WWE superstar EMBER MOON onto the show to open up about her very unique injury currently keeping her out of action, opening her own wrestling school, interesting advice given from former WWE producers, and more!

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Dvon & Mo welcome WWE Superstar CURT HAWKINS onto the show to talk Edge's return to the ring after 9 years, the effect social media has on pro wrestling, Kobe Bryant's influence on pop culture, much more! #tabletalk #askdvon

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Program runs 38 minutes

With Budweiser releasing a new version of the famous "Whassup" commercial, (new daddy) Dvon looks back on how exactly the Dudleyz came to use the trendy greeting in their matches decades ago. Also in this episode, your trio of hosts discuss reboots, why wrestlers don't use their real names, and Dvon makes his pick for the 2020 Royal Rumble.

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Program runs 1 hour, 3 minutes