Dvon & Mo welcome WWE Superstar CURT HAWKINS onto the show to talk Edge's return to the ring after 9 years, the effect social media has on pro wrestling, Kobe Bryant's influence on pop culture, much more! #tabletalk #askdvon

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With Budweiser releasing a new version of the famous "Whassup" commercial, (new daddy) Dvon looks back on how exactly the Dudleyz came to use the trendy greeting in their matches decades ago. Also in this episode, your trio of hosts discuss reboots, why wrestlers don't use their real names, and Dvon makes his pick for the 2020 Royal Rumble.

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STAND BACK! The Hurricane rolls through Table Talk to share stories from his current gig as a WWE Producer, the 1st impression he left on Matt & Jeff Hardy, his MySpace Top 8 & more! Other topics covered by Dvon, Mo and Lindsey include Dry January, hanging out with Ronda Rousey, and some really bad food incidents. #tabletalk #tabletalkwithdvon

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Have you ever wondered how Dvon popped his cherry? No? Well, he tells you anyway! The WWE Hall of Famer, Mo & Lindsey talk this, making dinner plans with The Rock during a match, 2020 resolutions, and women who wear makeup to the gym.

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"Do you have any Christmas wrestling memories?" One question leads down a path of bad memories for all three of your hosts. Dvon remembers his WWE release and TNA ruining Team 3D, Lindsey remembers being saved by Superman, and Mo recalls the time Mike Tyson nearly killed him.

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Wait, Lindsey has a podcast drinking game? Dvon & Mo learn the details after analyzing today's music compared to the classics. Other topics covered by the trio include the Rusev/Lana/Lashley storyline, which host is the best at video games, and unheard POSITIVE stories in the news.

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