The Legit Boss SASHA BANKS joined us on Table Talk to open up about her desire for a second Evolution event, her future in the industry, Trish Stratus, Eddie Guerrero, the Undertaker's presence, much more!

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Program runs 1 hour, 3 minutes

Austin Creed - aka WWE Superstar XAVIER WOODS - joined the show to talk Dvon saving his career, Kofi's title run, his choice for The New Day's next breakfast theme, hosting Talking Smack, so much more!

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Program runs 1 hour, 14 minutes

Jimmy & Jey, THE USOS, open up to Dvon, Mo & Lindsey about the transition into the Uso Penitentiary gimmick, the realness of the infamous Rap Battle, the idea of them splitting up, fighting over Call of Duty, so much more!

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Program runs 1 hour, 3 minutes

Former WWE Womens Tag Team Champions ALEXA BLISS & NIKKI CROSS take over Table Talk! In the first half, Alexa talks Disney, her cosplay-like ring attire, the Fiend. While in the second half, Nikki shares her love of horror movies, Limp Bizkit songs, and being the mascot of Dudleyville!

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Program runs 1 hour, 2 minutes

Former WWE Champion KOFI KINGSTON boom-dropped by Table Talk to enlighten Dvon, Mo & Lindsey about his Royal Rumble highlights, what his WrestleMania title victory meant for his black wrestlers, respect through stiff kicks, much more!

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Program runs 59 minutes

Former WWE Superstar Sarah Logan - aka SARAH ROWE - joins Dvon, Mo, & Lindsey to talk the upcoming addition to the family, share memories of WWE Evolution, and wait, is that Ruby Riott?

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Program runs 1 hour