Due to this week's COVID-19 scare at the WWE tapings, we couldn't talk to Lashley - he's rescheduled for next week! Still, Dvon gives us behind-the-scenes info on this scare, and along with Mo & Lindsey, take your questions live, talk legal cannabis, so much more!

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We are now video streaming LIVE every Wednesday on Facebook @wrestlingaudio and @molightning - Make sure to follow to get the exact times. In this, our first video recording, Dvon/Mo/Lindsey welcome WWE Superstar MVP onto the show... and was that a cameo from a former World Champion? (Hint: Yes it was.)

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Program runs 58 minutes

This show has the very best opening 7 minutes you'll hear from a podcast all year! That's what happens when your guest is WWE Superstar SHELTON BENJAMIN! Our guest speaks on his time riding with John Cena, learning from Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle, his first match with the late Shad Gaspard, and more!

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Program runs 57 minutes

WWE Superstar and United States Champion APOLLO CREWS joins Dvon & Mo to talk the long wait for his first title, if he was rushed out of NXT, so much more!

Not just that, but your hosts welcome Dvon's twin sons, Terrence & Terrell - T&T - to talk about being a 2nd generation tag team following the greatest team of all time.

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Program runs 51 minutes

"Wait, we have confirmation from Head Cheese?" After last week's retirement announcement, Dvon (along with Mo & Lindsey) clear the air for some confused fans, give an update on Dvon's Mom's fight with COVID-19, talk a wrestler who fell asleep during a back body drop, much more.

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This program runs 55 minutes

Dvon officially calls it an in-ring career. The WWE Hall of Famer explains what lead him to make this announcement, while Mo & Lindsey help talk Becky Lynch's pregnancy announcement, the minds behind the Money in the Bank madness, and they pitch the perfect idea for WWE Creative.

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Program runs 1 hour, 5 minutes