Everything he's ever done wrong is because of Dvon?!? WWE Superstar SHELTON BENJAMIN returns to Table Talk to trash-talk both the WWE Hall of Famer and Mia Yim, look back on his days wrestling Brock Lesnar, the return of live crowds, MORE!


Why haven't we welcomed Dvon's former tag team partner onto the show? Was Dvon ready to call it a career when he did? Our WWE Hall of Famer answers all of these questions & more during this 1st ever ADA - Ask Dvon Anything - edition of Table Talk!


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YouTube vlogger PAGING MR. MORROW talks the connection between pro wrestling & Disney fans, provides advice if you're trying to enjoy Disney on a budget, and how he became an influencer. Afterwards, we find out one host loves coasters, another is picky about coasters, and the last host just won't ride them!

NBA great TRACY MURRAY shares stories from his time backstage at WWE events, the focus of Michael Jordan, the work ethic of Kobe Bryant, and the driving of O.J. Simpson?

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Old friends TEDDY LONG, MAVEN, and Diane... sorry, Dvon, all catch up, trash talk, look at the current trend of scripted promos,  and they remember a botched segment with the Rock.

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ECW Original & wrestling legend AL SNOW reveals how he came to run OVW, recalls his action figure being pulled from shelves during the Attitude Era, thoughts on today's young stars, more!

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