Did WWE TLC live up to the hype? Wait.. what hype? Dangerous Dave reviews WWE's least-promoted ppv of 2019.

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Dangerous Dave looks back on the big two's ppv events: AEW Fight For the Fallen and WWE Extreme Rules. Was either show that much better than the other?

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Only one match felt out-of-place. Dangerous Dave gives his thoughts on the recent NXT Takeover: Phoenix event.

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Dangerous Dave goes into great detail explaining his picks for our recent Top 50 Wrestlers of 2018 list.

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Dangerous Dave reviews the new DVD/Blu-Ray collection: WWE 24 - The Best of 2018. Which WWE 24 specials worked, which ones missed the mark?

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Hours before the big event, Mo Lightning makes his predictions for WWE TLC and explains how big this show really is ahead of the Road to WrestleMania.

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Program runs 26 minutes

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