"Marc (Mero) my words!" Mo Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy look back on the unknown facts behind Stone Cold's King of the Ring victory back in 1996, envision how WCW Big Bang could have ended, provide reasons why boo'ing kids is OK, wonder about Batista's recent comments, so much more.

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It's been a week since All Elite Wrestling debuted with their "Double Or Nothing" event. Should WWE take notice? Dangerous Dave gives his review of AEW's pay-per-view while speculating on the company's upcoming year.

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Program runs 30 minutes

Are we about to witness pro wrestling history? Ballz gives his take on All Elite Wrestling's debut as he predicts the AEW Double or Nothing card... while trying not to mispronounce the roster.

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Program runs 16 minutes

"It was perfect... then they threw Brock Lesnar into the mix." Dangerous Dave was really diggin' WWE Money In The Bank, but did the last few minutes kill the entire show? Take a listen to Dave's review.

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Not knowing if WWE would follow the recent Superstar Shake-Up roster changes, Dangerous Dave didn't know what to expect from his recent WWE Raw live event in Liverpool. Here is his review.

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Program runs 20 minutes.

Move over, Legend Killer, we have a brand new RUMOR KILLER gimmick coming your way! (Don't put it past WWE Creative.) Mo & Ballz book this absurd gimmick, predict Sunday's Money In The Bank, look ahead to AEW's time with TNT, find some "salty bunnies" and much more!

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Program runs 1 hour, 23 minutes