MJF is our hero! Mo & Ballz talk the wrestler's viral moment from C2E2, predict this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber ppv, share advise how NOT to argue against the Bella Twins making the Hall of Fame, the number of WWE castoffs moving to AEW, much more.

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Dvon & Mo talk the pressures of producing Raw's tag team title match, the contest Dvon does NOT want to be in charge of at WrestleMania, the biggest difference between WWE & AEW, fans fat-shaming superstars, Murphy's future, so much more.

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Program runs 57 minutes

If Joey Janela is correct, TNT's favorite AEW star is Orange Cassidy. Mo & Gregg look into the reasons why, discuss Goldberg beating the Fiend so easily, look at the back-n-forth between Tony Kahn and Eric Bischoff, so much more.

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Your three hosts - Dvon, Mo & Lindsey - have 3 very different backgrounds, but the one thing they have in common? Comic con! They exchange memorable stories from the road, including a lost opportunity with Michael Jackson and 10 minutes off-the-record with Stan Lee!

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A brand new low for World Wrestling Entertainment? Dangerous Dave takes a look back on WWE Super Showdown, and how the show failed to meet already-low expectations.

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Program runs 15 minutes

Ashley Mae Sebera – better known as WWE Superstar DANA BROOKE – spoke with Mo Lightning to bring awareness to a foundation she started, The Dallas McCarver Foundation, benefiting underprivileged children. Not just that, but she also opens up about her online and very public flirtationship with Dave Bautista, what’s left out of WWE Ride Along, much more!

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This discussion runs 10 minutes