Lana lost her accent! Mo & Ballz try to help her find it, review WWE Raw and Smackdown, predict Sunday's Backlash event, look back on the fallout from the Greatest Royal Rumble and MUCH more!

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Brock Lesnar to beat CM Punk's championship reign? Mo & Gregg discuss the reality of this, settle a long-standing bet, ask what the WWE has against Batista, and they look back on the REAL "Greatest Royal Rumble" (from 1992).

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The Greatest Royal Rumble? "Why would you call something that? Why not call it the 'average all male overbooked' Royal Rumble?" Needless to say, Dangerous Dave wasn't impressed.

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Wrestlers these days just don't know how to retire properly! Mo, Gregg, & Ballz talk "the good ol' days" of wrestlers unretiring.. often, predict WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble, reflect on the 1991 Rumble event, discuss Brock Lesnar's contract, gossip over Nikki & John's split, MUCH MORE!

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Recently, HBO unveiled their long-awaited documentary about pro wrestling legend Andre the Giant. Did the producers do the "8th Wonder of the World" justice.. or not? Dangerous Dave reviews.

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Randy Orton's tattoos are causing copyright issues? Mo, Ballz, & Gregg put their heads together to understand the problem, review the moves made in this week's WWE Superstar Shakeup, look back on the 1990 Royal Rumble, and much more.

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