For the most part, Dave recommends watching last week's AEW Double or Nothing event if you haven't already. What's the catch? Well, he wasn't the biggest fan of the most-talked about matches on the show...

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Some fans aren't thrilled about AEW bringing in Mike Tyson. Looking at this show's graphic, you might be able to tell how our hosts feel. Mo & Ballz discuss this, review the week in wrestling, Matt Riddle's future on the main roster, and WWE's faction problem.

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Mo & Ballz coin a new term: MATCH OF THE FOREVER! Your hosts explain this new term, remember the late Shad Gaspard, review the early episodes of The Undertaker: The Last Ride, and make predictions for this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing event.

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"Wait, we have confirmation from Head Cheese?" After last week's retirement announcement, Dvon (along with Mo & Lindsey) clear the air for some confused fans, give an update on Dvon's Mom's fight with COVID-19, talk a wrestler who fell asleep during a back body drop, much more.

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What did we just watch? Dangerous Dave knows what WWE was trying for with the unique Money In The Bank match... he's just not sure he understands it. Here's his full review.

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Dvon officially calls it an in-ring career. The WWE Hall of Famer explains what lead him to make this announcement, while Mo & Lindsey help talk Becky Lynch's pregnancy announcement, the minds behind the Money in the Bank madness, and they pitch the perfect idea for WWE Creative.

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