It's been building for months, but what exactly happened at Extreme Rules that finally convinced Dangerous Dave to drop the WWE Network entirely? His full PPV report inside.

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Dangerous Dave reviews 2 recently released WWE DVD/Blu Ray/streaming releases: WWE Randy "Macho Man" Savage Unreleased, and Then. Now. Forever. The Evolution of WWE's Women's Division.

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"James BLEEPING Ellsworth?" Dangerous Dave looks back on last weekend's Money In the Bank pay-per-view. He obviously didn't like this chin-less reveal, what about the rest of the lengthy WWE event?

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2018's Match of the Year has already been decided. Dangerous Dave looks at the historic match between Omega and Okada, CM Punk's latest UFC loss, the rumors of a Shawn Michaels return, and he predict this weekend's WWE Money In The Bank.

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The Greatest Royal Rumble? "Why would you call something that? Why not call it the 'average all male overbooked' Royal Rumble?" Needless to say, Dangerous Dave wasn't impressed.

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Recently, HBO unveiled their long-awaited documentary about pro wrestling legend Andre the Giant. Did the producers do the "8th Wonder of the World" justice.. or not? Dangerous Dave reviews.

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