Dangerous Dave did not love AEW's Fyter Fest. It's arguable he even liked the show! Your host explains why he was disappointed by All Elite Wrestling's recent event while wondering if this new promotion really can be a competitor to WWE.

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Was WWE Stomping Grounds as bad as the internet says it was... or were minds made up even before the broadcast? Dangerous Dave reviews the recent ppv and was very surprised with the quality of matches he watched.

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Drinking game idea: Take a shot of your favorite beverage every time Dangerous Dave drops a deep sigh during his WWE Super Showdown review. And just wait for his thoughts on the main event between the Undertaker and Goldberg!

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It's been a week since All Elite Wrestling debuted with their "Double Or Nothing" event. Should WWE take notice? Dangerous Dave gives his review of AEW's pay-per-view while speculating on the company's upcoming year.

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"It was perfect... then they threw Brock Lesnar into the mix." Dangerous Dave was really diggin' WWE Money In The Bank, but did the last few minutes kill the entire show? Take a listen to Dave's review.

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Not knowing if WWE would follow the recent Superstar Shake-Up roster changes, Dangerous Dave didn't know what to expect from his recent WWE Raw live event in Liverpool. Here is his review.

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