Dangerous Dave looks back on WWE's two most recent ppv events, WWE Clash of Champions and NXT Takeover 31, both with some amazing highs and some crushing lows.

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Program runs 20 minutes

The biggest WWE events of the Summer, NXT Takeover XXX and SummerSlam, have come and gone, and yeah, Dangerous Dave has thoughts. Listen to his review inside.

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Program runs 28 minutes

Dangerous Dave introduces The G.O.A.T. series - a collection of podcasts looking at pro wrestling's Greatest of All Time's, and he starts with the women.

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Program runs 14 minutes

For every Tables Match or Drew McIntyre v Dolph Ziggler, we had "Eye for an Eye" and the Swamp Match. Dangerous Dave gives his review for WWE's Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

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Program runs 18 minutes

Following the recent conclusion of the WWE Network original The Last Ride, and the Undertaker's retirement announcement, Dave looks back on his 10 favorite moments or matches from the Deadman's career.

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Program runs 19 minutes

Dangerous Dave reviews last week's WWE event Backlash. Was it really the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"? And that tag team segment - what the eff was that?!?

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Show runs 16 minutes