For the most part, Dave recommends watching last week's AEW Double or Nothing event if you haven't already. What's the catch? Well, he wasn't the biggest fan of the most-talked about matches on the show...

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What did we just watch? Dangerous Dave knows what WWE was trying for with the unique Money In The Bank match... he's just not sure he understands it. Here's his full review.

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Dangerous Dave can't recommend this enough. Any and all wrestling fans need to read '100 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die' - find out why inside!

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The Big Show Show - now streaming on Netflix - looks like a fun comedy for families, but how is it for wrestling fans? Dangerous Dave gives his thoughts.

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The Boneyard Match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles should NOT have been WrestleMania's Night One main event? Dangerous Dave gives some strong opinions about last week's big WWE event.

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For the time ever, WrestleMania is two nights! Dangerous Dave takes his turn making his picks for the winners & losers coming out of this historic WWE event. 

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