It's the TOP 50 WRESTLERS OF 2018! Your hosts, Mo Lightning & Ballz, crack the middle part of the countdown, sharing the years behind the talent placing #25 thru #11. (Download the WrestlingAudio App for additional Top 50 content.)

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It's the TOP 50 WRESTLERS OF 2018! Your hosts, Mo Lightning & Ballz, cover how the list was created before counting down the entire first half of the list, 50-26. Follow @wrestlingaudio for even more Top 50 facts.

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"So anytime anyone complains about wrestling it’s so annoying to me because people come off as these entitled infants." Is Xavier Woods wrong about wrestling fans? Mo Lightning looks at both sides of the argument.

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Is it fair to have a Best of AJ Styles collection without his non-WWE work? Probably not, but WWE still gave us a new set "AJ Styles: Most Phenomenal Matches" and our own Dangerous Dave gives you his thoughts.

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Fans were enjoying such a pro wrestling "high" following Saturday's NXT Takeover: War Games.. but had crashed by the time WWE Smackdown ended. What happened? Mo & Ballz review these shows, Survivor Series, Raw, and announce 2018's "Impossible Contest".

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Details on our upcoming Top 50 Wrestlers of 2018 (& how YOU can get involved), a WWE Studios intervention, an Enzo intervention, and the future of AJ Styles. Beaumont Strange and Gregg the Sound Guy cover these topics, 2008's Royal Rumble, so much more!

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