We're still a ways away from having all of the details, but this week's All Elite Wrestling event gave us many reasons to be excited. Mo & Ballz recap the announcements and recap certain pro wrestling predictions they made early 2018.

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Kenny Omega has choices. Your hosts debate the pros & cons of the industry's biggest free agent heading to WWE, or heading to All Elite Wrestling (or somewhere else!) We also look at the controversial spot from Priscilla Kelly, share some fun facts from the 2010 Royal Rumble, and more.

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A year ago, Mo Lightning made his A to Z predictions for the world of wrestling for 2018. How'd he do with his thoughts on a Shield break-up, Elias interruptions, the end of Asuka's streak and so many other 2018 guesses?

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Nowhere else will you find 2022 Royal Rumble predictions! Mo & Gregg look ahead a few years after looking ahead to 2019's biggest match-up. Happy New Year!

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A lot happened while we were counting down our Top 50 of 2018 list. Mo & Ballz catch you up on AJ Styles slapping Vince McMahon, WWE Womens tag title belts, Impact moving to Pursuit, where the next set of NXT call-ups could end up, and much more.

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It's the TOP 50 WRESTLERS OF 2018! Your hosts, Mo Lightning & Ballz, reveal the year's 10 best performers, as well as a short list of stars who made the mark on the 2017 list.. but are nowhere to be found this year!

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