Some movies just shouldn't be made. Mo & Gregg debate the entertainment of the upcoming Bret Hart / Corey Feldman flick, share details on WWE's Do Not Hire list, praise AEW's latest announcements, and book a WWE Seniors' Division?

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Program runs 52 minutes

Could WWE really be considering giving Shane McMahon a run with the WWE Championship? Mo thinks it's VERY possible. He covers his reasoning for believing these rumors, responds to Mark Henry's comments on Goldberg/Undertaker, praises AEW's upcoming free stream, and analyzes Raw's constant low ratings.

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Drinking game idea: Take a shot of your favorite beverage every time Dangerous Dave drops a deep sigh during his WWE Super Showdown review. And just wait for his thoughts on the main event between the Undertaker and Goldberg!

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Program runs 16 minutes

Undertaker or Goldberg? Our hosts can't agree on the winner of this Super Showdown-headlining contest. Mo & Ballz tackle this debate following reviews of WWE Raw & Smackdown, and if Seth Rollins is the right Universal Champion or not.

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Program runs 1 hour, 23 minutes

"Marc (Mero) my words!" Mo Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy look back on the unknown facts behind Stone Cold's King of the Ring victory back in 1996, envision how WCW Big Bang could have ended, provide reasons why boo'ing kids is OK, wonder about Batista's recent comments, so much more.

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Program runs 1 hour, 2 minutes

It's been a week since All Elite Wrestling debuted with their "Double Or Nothing" event. Should WWE take notice? Dangerous Dave gives his review of AEW's pay-per-view while speculating on the company's upcoming year.

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Program runs 30 minutes