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Table Talk with Dvon & Mo

Table Talk

Feb 20, 2020

One of the greatest to ever grace the ring, KURT ANGLE calls into Table Talk to clarify his recent statement about his quality of life, how he believes the Jason Jordan storyline would have played...

Table Talk

Feb 06, 2020

Dvon and Mo welcome WWE superstar EMBER MOON onto the show to open up about her very unique injury currently keeping her out of action, opening her own wrestling school, interesting advice given...

Table Talk

Jan 30, 2020

Dvon & Mo welcome WWE Superstar CURT HAWKINS onto the show to talk Edge's return to the ring after 9 years, the effect social media has on pro wrestling, Kobe Bryant's influence on pop culture, much...

The Low Blow with Mo & Ballz

The Low Blow

Feb 22, 2020

The Bella Twins in the WWE Hall of Fame? A lot of fans are against it, but Mo & Ballz explain why it might not be as bad as you think! Your hosts also cover the week in wrestling, indecisive fans, AEW...

The Low Blow

Feb 01, 2020

Last weekend at the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar dominated the first half of the event in a booking that has divided fans. Mo & Ballz were no different, as the two debate how the Beast was used before...

The Low Blow

Jan 25, 2020

It's our favorite time of the year! The Road to WrestleMania begins this weekend, and Mo & Ballz look at all the crazy - and realistic - possibilities going into and coming out of the WWE Royal...

The Bigg Show with Mo & Gregg

The Bigg Show

Feb 04, 2020

John Cena just joined the Fast & Furious franchise? Mo The Bad News Guy thought he was there the entire time! He & Gregg Van Wilder talk the popular franchise, Royal Rumble risks paying off, the...

The Bigg Show

Jan 08, 2020

Less news, more secrets! Mo "The Voice" Lightning and Gregg the Sound Guy look at some recently revealed secrets in wrestling, including JYD being a candy fiend, CM Punk releasing the original...

The Bigg Show

Dec 18, 2019

Inspired by a recent episode of Table For 3, Mo & Gregg look back on the good & bad of TNA Wrestling's former 6-sided ring, debate AEW's us of WCW branding, and explore the opportunities going into...

The Lightning Strike with Mo

The Lightning Strike

Nov 27, 2019

They didn't quite know what they were getting into! The Young Bucks - Matt & Nick Jackson - talk the transition from wrestling to wrestling AND being EVPs for All Elite Wrestling, their roles in...

The Lightning Strike

Jul 25, 2019

Raw Reunion brought back dozens of legends this week. How much of it worked... and how much of it didn't work? Mo Lightning looks back on this special edition of WWE programming, as well as...

The Lightning Strike

Jun 13, 2019

Could WWE really be considering giving Shane McMahon a run with the WWE Championship? Mo thinks it's VERY possible. He covers his reasoning for believing these rumors, responds to Mark Henry's...

Spare Change with Dave

Spare Change

Jan 28, 2020

Edge returned from retirement, Charlotte meets expectations, Brock Lesnar dominated but Drew McIntyre won - Dangerous Dave gives his review of the 2020 edition of the WWE Royal Rumble. LISTEN NOW -...

Spare Change

Dec 29, 2019

While admitting even he doesn't know how Braun Strowman made it onto the list, Dangerous Dave explains his reasons behind his Top 25 Wrestlers of 2019 list, as well as shares the Top 5, and Bottom...

Spare Change

Nov 19, 2019

Dangerous Dave rewinds back to last weekend to review AEW's Full Gear pay-per-view following his thoughts on D-Von Dudley joining WrestlingAudio and the shocking return of CM Punk to WWE television! LISTEN...