In an interview promoting this weekend's release of the movie "Going the Distance," actor Justin Long called his guest-hosting gig on the August 16 edition of WWE Raw "a disaster."

Long was on the Raw following Summerslam with fellow actors Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day attempting to crack
jokes in a mid-ring monologue and interacting with Great Khali backstage.

"In no way am I being self-deprecating when I say that was a disaster. It was just not the audience to be promoting a movie like that to. We were so out of place. It was just awkward," Long told
Metro World News in Canada. "They’re all fired up to see guys pummeling each other, not to see three nerdy comedy guys do some bits. They played the trailer for this crowd and it just silenced them - and not in a good way."

The follow-up question was how they tried to make something out of what appeared to them to be a bad situation.

"You just commit to it as best you can. We were in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, and the only time we really had the audience on our side was when we were praising the Lakers," Long said. "And before that I think the majority of them were contemplating throwing things at us. There were a few homophobic remarks. I don’t want to generalize it, I know some wrestling fans. But it’s just not the audience."

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